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Hey DeviantArt!

Just stopping in to remind you guys that tonight is our Opening night for the Biz and Buzz Art Exhibit at my "35 Days* art gallery in Los Angeles!

Biz and Buzz is a sort of slacker comedy I created featuring myself and Simon Bisley as wacky characters!

"Need to remove an unexploded WW2 bomb from your chimney?
Transport your one hundred and twenty three year old Granny to her Titanic Club reunion?
Babysit your 400-pound cousin with narcolepsy?
Clean out the nasty nest of mutant hedgehogs from under the orphanage?
Don't get stuck with those expensive licensed companies or contractors—get stuck with these guys:


Guaranteed to show up eventually and if they smell like vomit, air fresheners will be provided for a minimum charge for your maximum enjoyment during (paid) service!
Biz and Buzz: Work for Hire! A semi-epic animated series about two clueless guys who get the job done, one-way or another!"

The event will feature all 24 original black and white pages for complete issue #1!

The art, by Simon Bisley and myself, will be on exhibit and available for purchase, as well as all of my original development artwork for a future TV series.
Copies of the full color comic book and exclusive collectible toys will be for sale as well, including a limited-edition show print.  

So I hope you guys can make it down, check out the art, and have a drink or two with us!

And don't forget about all the TMNT stuff we have in the gallery too!

See you soon!


Meltdown Comics Gallery
7522 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Hey Gang,

I thought I would stop by and share some photos and thoughts from the December 7th Opening we had here in the Meltdown Gallery showcasing my "UnderWhere" graphic novel!

On that note, I also wanted to mention something about the openings that I think people are getting confused about. While our openings do focus on various properties as we go along, all of the Turtles stuff we have done is still up through the entire show, and we are adding new TMNT art and comics all the time. I think there was an assumption that after our Turtles opening last month, that we were taking it all down, and nothing could be further from the truth! The Turtles have always been a HUGE part of my life, and I wouldn't have been able to have the life I've had if it wasn't for all you Turtle fans. I owe everything to you guys! So please feel free to come down and check out the Turtles stuff we have going on no matter what phase of the show we happen to be in.

Now on to some photos!

Our UnderWhere Display! You can still come in and pick up for show exclusive copy for $5. $1 of which is donated to the Hero Initiative!

Some of Mark Martin's beautifully painted Original Art!

The wall of my original IDW TMNT layouts. We've sold a lot, but there are still some great pages left!

Our legendary guest artist, Ken Mitchroney, and I. Ken was the primary artist for many of the TMNT Archie books! It was a joy to get to spend time with him again!

My friend and extremely talented artist -- Marc Silvestri -- stopped by to say hi!


That just about does it for me today. You'll hear from me again soon! Of course if you just can't wait to hear from me again, you are more than welcome to come down to the gallery and see me! We are at the Meltdown Comics gallery in Los Angeles! 7522 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046.

Don't miss our next opening this coming Wednesday (December 14th), from 6-10pm!

Love Ya!


Devious Journal Entry

Tue Dec 6, 2011, 11:22 PM

Hello to all my friends and fans here on DeviantArt!

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you guys about something cool I'm doing right now at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles.

It's called "Lost Angeles: 35 Days with Kevin Eastman"

It's an Art Exhibition that showcases the last 35 years or so of my career. From the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to Heavy Metal Magazine...It's all there for you guys to come check out and immerse yourselves in. I try to be there as often as I can so if you come by, there is a pretty good chance that you can catch me there. You never know who else might show up too! Just today, my friend Greg Cipes who is the voice of Mikey in the new Nickelodeon show came by to chat.

Now here is something special that I am doing just because I love you DeviantArt fans so much! Over the next few days, I am going to be scouring DA for great Turtles pieces. I'm going to load them all into a favorites folder, and then we are going to Project your art on the wall of the gallery! How cool is that! So keep an eye open for that when you're at the show!

Also at the show is a GIANT mural that Mark Bode and I have painted, recreating the cover art of Ninja Turtles #1 on the back of Meltdown! It turned out crazy awesome!

The show is open just about every day from now till January 4th and keeps the same hours as Meltdown does, but every Wednesday from 6pm to 10pm we have special openings that zero in on some of the coolest things to have sprung out of my brain!


The event will feature all things Turtles including 90 pages of my original TMNT layout art for the entire new IDW series re-launch

The original artwork that started ALL things TMNT will be there as well!

Special edition prints, books, posters, and other rare TMNT treasures from my personal collection and collections of dear friends!

The signing will have on hand all IDW TMNT comics, the new Ultimate Collection Book One, as well as many more original out of print publications.

The Gallery Night Event/Party/Signing is from 6PM TO 10 PM!


The event will feature at least 50 original paintings for Underwhere adventure by Mark Martin and myself in the exhibit and available for purchase—alongside tons of the original concept drawings from 1989.

An exclusive stickered 1500 copy edition of the Underwhere Graphic Novel will be sold at the show for $5 each, with a dollar from each copy being donated to the Hero Initiative

The Gallery Night Event/Party/Signing is from 6PM TO 10 PM! Special Guest KEN MITCHRONEY (Archie TMNT Adventures Artist) will be there signing as well!


The event will feature all 24 original black and white pages of the complete issue #1! The art, by Simon Bisley and Kevin Eastman, will be on exhibit and available for purchase, as well as all of my original development artwork for a future TV series based on the property.

Copies of the full color comic book and exclusive collectable toys will be for sale as well, including a limited edition show print.  

The Gallery Night Event/Party/Signing is from 6PM TO 10 PM!


The event will feature original concept drawings and development paintings by myself and Simon Bisley for an upcoming film option, as well as a series of show exclusive prints created just for the exhibit, and all will be available for purchase.

A special 100 page collector's edition book will make its premiere at the show.

The Gallery Night Event/Party/Signing is from 6PM TO 10 PM!


As this is the event 35 years in the making, and is growing larger and more insane day to day! I need to hold off on releasing the final details until mid December—but can assure all Heavy Metal fans it will be worth the wait!


So I really hope you guys can make it down to see me and the spectacle my friends and I have created for you!

Cool Beans!


This is where it all started...

Tue Jul 12, 2011, 5:21 PM
What's up deviantART! I'm Kevin Eastman, Co-Creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I figured it would be fun to share some of my story, and grow from there on my deviantART account.

This is where it all started.

Tmnt #1 by KevineastmanDover, New Hamshire. 1983. This is the house where Pete and I created The Turtles.

Tmnt #2 by KevineastmanThis was the very chair that I sat in in, in the shared studio space with Peter, and late one night I did a sketch of a Turtle standing upright, a mask on, nun chucks and dubbed him a Ninja Turtle! That was enough to kickstart the brainstorming session where we had to come up with the story to tell who they came to be!

Tmnt #3 by Kevineastman We worked on the 40 page origin story from the fall of 1983 to late spring 1984, and when it was finished, and printed--we had all the books shipped to our house on Union Street where we made furniture out of them, because we didn't think we ever sell them all! 

Tmnt #4 by Kevineastman
May 5th, 1984 was the Portsmouth, New Hampshire Comic Convention where we premiered the very first issue! I think we sold a couple dozen, and a lot of those were to family members that came from all over the state of Maine down to the show!

Tmnt #5 by KevineastmanAfter we finished the first issue we had all these awesome fans writing, "Hey, when are you going to do a second issue?!" Well, we figured we'd better come up with a second story and get on the job! Here's me inking on a page in Peter's studio in the fall of 1984!
Tmnt #6 by KevineastmanBy February, the drawing was done and so was the printing--when the books arrived in the studio, we could help but pose a stuff Turtle doll Peter's sister Chris made for him on top of the first box we opened! 

Tmnt #9 by KevineastmanBy the sumer of 1985, we had done a lot of signings and smaller conventions--but we finally made the pilgrimage to the biggest convention in the states, the San Diego Comic Con! Here's Pete posing in front of the old Civic Center where it used to be held. 

Tmnt #10 by Kevineastman
Here we are, the following year, 1986, shopping all the recent issues up to Raphael at that time--and doing sKetches for $5 each--most all the money at the end of the show we would then run around and buy as many old comics we were missing from our collection before getting on the plane back home. 
Tmnt #11 by Kevineastman
Year after year we kept coming back to the con--this year (2011) will be my 27th year there, and over te years, we met many awesome people--like in this one, here's my first mini comics publisher--Clay Geerdes!

Tmnt #12 by Kevineastman
Here's a great candid shot of Frank Miller and Lynn Varley during the Ronin years--they were still easily accessible to fans at the show. He was a great guy, very open about what he was doing back then. 
Tmnt #13 by KevineastmanOne of my best friends from those days that I sill hang out with today is Mark Bode, son of the famous Underground Cartoonist, Vaughn Bode! Mark and I went on to work on several TMNT stories together---maybe we'll get to do another one someday!

Tmnt #14 by Kevineastman
Peter hanging out with Usagi Yojimbo creator Stan Saki (center) and fellow cartoonist Jim Groat. 
Tmnt #15 by KevineastmanA highlight, after several years at the convention was meeting Jack Kirby and buying the original art of some of our favorite Kirby stories--Kamandi for me, the Demon for Peter! DC Publisher, Julie Swartz is doing the peace sign in the background! 

Tmnt #17 by KevineastmanHere's the wild and crazy zoo crew--all the original Mirage Studios gang, having a few to many beers after the show, and generally taking the edge off a busy day--because we'd all be back signing in the morning! 

Tmnt#7 by Kevineastman
And of course there's the bed diving---every year at the show Peter and I would make sure the beds would hold up to wild and crazy room parties--and the only way to do that was run from across the room, jump as high as you can, and dive on the bed! Here's Pete go...
Tmnt#8 by KevineastmanAnd here's my turn! Can't wait to do it again this again this year--I have to pass the ritual on to my kids after all! 

... to be continued.

(Prepping for Comicon 2011, see you guys there next week!)